The Hottest Tech For Beach Lounging

Lounging at the beach is the perfect way to spend those long hot summers but it can get a wee bit on the boring side if you continue to read easy paperbacks or sip on drinks. You might be wondering what gadgets you can bring to the beach to mix things up and there are a lot of different ones you may not have considered as well as some of the old standards but with some modern updates.

JBL Flip 4

JBL has long been the speaker maker of choice. They provide amazing sound quality and features like being waterproof. Remember those muscly guys that prowled the beach with their giant boomboxes and bad tunes, well no need for the boombox but you can play the music of your choice, good or bad. This is the best speaker for the beach at the moment and it comes in a variety of colors.

Kobo Aura H2O

For the readers out there you may already have an e-reader but if you are going to be around water you probably worry about getting it wet. There is nothing more frustrating than a piece of expensive tech getting splashed and stopping working. Luckily, Kobo has produced the Aura H2O which is both water and dust proof. It also has the added bonus of being able to have ePubs downloaded onto it and access to libraries for easy online lending. You will not have to worry about this pretty indestructible device getting fried by some water or a quick dip in a pool.

GoPro Hero7

If you want to produce some content while you splash around in an exotic location in HD then this GoPro is the one you want to use. It is waterproof and records extremely high-quality video up to 10 meters, and more if you decide to use a case. There is also stabilization built-in so that your images and video do not come out blurry. If you want a high-performance camera that can be used both in water and for extreme sports then this one is perfect.

The Hottest Tech For Beach Lounging

Alofox Waterproof Cellphone Case

If there is a piece of tech that you want to protect, it is your cell phone as you do not want to shell out for another one. You definitely need a good waterproof cellphone case. After a lot of research, it has become clear that for a nice mid-range option the Alofox one works very well. Your phone can be underwater up to 2 meters for under an hour and it will be completely okay. You will not need to worry about placing it in a bag of rice to dry out. Try out some of this tech, and your beach experience will be upped tenfold!