Reasons Why Ariana Grande Is An Absolute Legend

Reasons Why Ariana Grande Is An Absolute Legend

Ariana Grande not only has the voice of an angel and some real acting talents, but she is also one strong lady with an amazing personality. From her powerful statements, hilarious impressions and brilliants interviews, here are some of the reasons Ariana grande is an absolute legend

Her stance on healthy feminism
Instead of just repeating feminist dialogue and rhetoric when talking about women’s rights, Ariana is a strong proponent of women supporting women. In a powerful statement, the singer once argued that women should build each other up instead of perpetuating chauvinistic ideologies and tearing one another down. Besides the fans, even social theorists were impressed by the then 24-year-olds statement as it showed incredible wisdom.

Her Celine Dion impersonation
While appearing on the Tonight Show, Ariana absolutely shocked Jimmy Kimmel with her hilarious impression of Canadian singer Celine Dion. The impersonation was so good that Ariana got to do it in other interviews and according to Fallon, it is one of the best celebrity impersonations he has ever witnessed. It was the perfect way for viewers to see the pop princesses’ amazing sense of humor and talent.

She does not suffer fools!

When journalists like pIers morgan have made wildly offensive and misogynist statements, Ariana does not just smile and say thank you. The star speaks her mind and is never too afraid to set the record straight. When Morgan attacked talk show host and comedian Ellen, Ariana felt that it was her duty as a fellow woman to defend her. Now that is girl power! Mind what you say to this little lady journalist because this pretty lady has quite an intellect to punch back with.

She does the right thing no matter the cost

Reasons Why Ariana Grande Is An Absolute Legend

Following the tragedy at her concert in Manchester, the singer made sure to organize a concert for over 50,000 people which raised over £3m for emergency aid to help victims. This selfless act showed that Ariana is not afraid of controversy and will do anything to do the right thing, even though it may not be right for her image.